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The mission of The AFYA Foundation for Children (the Foundation) is to improve the health and social condition of children who live in economically disadvantaged communities through research, program development and implementation, community coordination, and philanthropy.



The vision of the Foundation is to create a world where all children, regardless of the circumstances into which they are born, are given an equal opportunity to develop into healthy, economically viable adults. Our primary foci are education, teen pregnancy prevention, child mental health services, and childhood obesity prevention.


As social interventionists, our approach is a five-step process:

  • Target a community that has a specific problem
  • Analyze the problem within that community’s specific social context
  • Identify a program that has been proven to work in other, similar communities
  • Work with the community and its stakeholders to tailor the selected program to the needs of the targeted community
  • Implement the program and evaluate its progress and impact


The Foundation recently initiated its “Stop the Slide” Summer Reading Program.



The Foundation was established in 2010 by AFYA, Inc. (AFYA), as a 501(c)(3) organization.  Several of AFYA’s senior executives serve on the Foundation’s Board. See Our Board of Directors.


Founded in 1991, AFYA is a health and social sciences management and consulting firm located in Laurel, MD. The Foundation is supported by AFYA’s Analytical and Technical Services Division, which is staffed by researchers, social workers, and public health professionals, all of whom are committed to making a difference in our society. The Foundation is also able to draw upon the logistical support and communications capabilities of staff within AFYA’s Information Support Services Division to plan and support the Foundation’s events and programs. (For more information on AFYA, go to




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